- Gary's unique philosophical blend of all things Buddhist with all things camouflage. He's a cryptic guy at the best of times...

"I was wearing Day-Glo Neon camouflage back in the late 1980s about 12 years before it became mainstream. I'd tell people it was in case the Russians sprayed us all with LSD, that way I'd just blend into the background.
15 years of Dzogchen & Mahamudra protector practises later and it has developed into a tantric transformation of military hardware into peace & bliss.
Tough on the outside, gentle on the inside - Now where is my sniper outfit?"

Mysteries of ages past
Unenlightened shadows cast.
Down through all eternity
The crying of humanity.
It's then when the Hurdy Gurdy man
Comes singing songs of love.....
America's bible belt, in the swamp
East Berlin Soviet War Memorial
Hard at work in Berlin, the venue is a bomb-proof bunker built by Hitler, Sting is the white dot onstage
Vvrooom Yamaha XV650


I am often asked,
so here are some of the people I have met:
Alanis Morrisette David Bowie & his wife Iman
Sting Ronaldo
Tom & Ed - the Chemical Brothers Tom Jones
Norman Cook - Fatboy Slim Robbie Williams - Take That
Dave Crosby - CSN&Y Rupaul
Mark Thomas Duran Duran & Yasmin Lebon
Terry Wogan Judge Julie
Nile Rodgers Cliff Richards
Neil & Chris - Pet Shop Boys Liza Minelli
Johnny Cash Eric Clapton
James Taylor Phil Collins
Leonardo DiCaprio Eddie 'the Eagle' Richards
James Brown Lord Buxton
Bob Geldof Marie Helvin
Boy George Gary Kemp - Spandau Ballet
Emily Bishop Cilla Black
Kylie Minogue Noel Edmonds
Patrick Nimran, the owner of Lambourgini Andrew Lloyd-Webber
Daryl Pandy Spike Milligan
Paul Oakenfold Joyce Sims
Eartha Kit Army of Lovers
Minister of Information - Bahrain South African High Commissioner to England
Boney M Ringo Starr
Apollo 440 Tony Hadley - Spandau Ballet
Enigma - the human jigsaw Herbie Hancock
Lily Savage Pat Metheny
17th Karmapa Sid Rawls
Frank Bruno Starsailor
Steve Hillage